Foam Float Bag

Oyster Long Line Floating Storm Mesh Bags

The long line floating oyster mesh bag taps into the nutrient and oxygen rich surface water which enable the oyster to grow much faster than traditional oyster farming. The Shouan Aquaculture oyster breeding system is easy and economical.


What makes our oyster mesh bags so special:

1. Non toxic
2. Will not rust or rot
3. Removable floats
4. HDPE mesh bags(high density polyethylene)
5. UV stabilized for long life
6. Easy to clean and maintain
7. Sturdy nylon straps
8. Stainless steel shark clips


● Floating Cultivation Is a Natural Transition from Traditional Inter-Tidal Forms of Oyster

● Cost Effective Production Choice

● Simplicity in Enterprise Management

● Reduced Capital Outlay for Infrastructure


Oyster mesh bag(diamond mesh)

Mesh size: 20mm, 14mm, 10mm, 6mm

Float size: 700 x 100 x 50mm

Dimension: 45cm x 850cm

Assembly with two float, one side sealed one side open.

2 x L100mm x 3.0mm Ø 316 stainless steel shark clips with rubber Lanyard to suit 10mm Shouan poly aqua storm line.

Six cable tie attached.

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